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Exposures to traumatic experiences can have an enduring and profound effect on a person’s life, even years after the initial traumatic event has occurred. Every year, millions of individuals with mental and substance abuse disorders die decades earlier than they should. These pointless, premature deaths are due mostly in part to untreated and preventable chronic illnesses. Poor health habits and inactivity, coupled with the challenges of navigating a complex healthcare system, lead many to suffer needlessly from such things as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. In addition, billions in much needed healthcare resources are being spent on unnecessary emergency room visits, which could be avoided with proper health management.

The Changing Perception, Whole Health and Resiliency Program integrates mental health, substance abuse, and primary care services, combining real world health skill-building with advocacy, education and support for people with multiple healthcare needs. Client driven services are coordinated by wellness coaches to meet the needs of this ever growing population. 

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Whole Health and Resiliency Services

Improving your life starts with understanding that the foundation of every “good life” starts with good health.

Counseling Services

Collaborating with survivors to foster growth and healing with trauma-informed, client-led, relational therapies.

Education & Training

Creating a trauma-informed world through education and training for businesses and individuals.